Make images move

You are urgently needed when you have a bucketlist which includes online video content. You want to express your services or products in living images. You know how to explain the frameworks of your project in an effective and inspiring way so together we can build eye-catching images. You have a broad set of communication skills and a rich imagination is bonus.

Are you prepared to take some time and learn something about your identity along the process?

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As a partner within the internal content creation part of Creatieve Revolte, you are partly responsible for all internal and external content creation of your services or products. Commissioned by yourself or your boss, you have crazy idea's. You will be involved in the foundation of motion graphics, video FX and animations. You constantly come up with new content formats which is fully in your nature?

Can you fully enjoy co-creating digital renders and do you understand how this labor intensive magic will bring your message to your audience?

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Lift off your content

You are instantly needed if you love deeply thought out designs. You are excited by your services or products. You have a solid background in entrepreneurship and you get motivated by creating a design across a 360 sphere. Basic understanding of your own identity is a bonus. You are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone and you admire thinking outside the box.

Do you have the ability to invest in creating the foundation of your services or products?

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Online visibility

Creative Revolte is looking for a partner who has a passion for stunning web design. You want to kick-start your website in the online world and experience the very latest in design and innovation. You are creative in your own way and you have strong communication skills, which you understand to be essential. You also understand the importance of an online identity and how this effects the promotion of your services or product.

Are you self-motivated, enterprising and are you able to explain your wonderfull idea's in a clear way?

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In 3 dimensions

As an temporarily colleague at Creatieve Revolte you will be offered the opportunity to materialize your 3D concept. You are also offered the chance to participate in creative support in general. You don't have great eye for composition but still want to create photorealistic visualizations or artwork.

Do you have passion for offering projects at a decent price?

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